Alexander Kafarakis
Actor | Writer | Producer | Gamer | Foodie | Adventurer | Entomology Enthusiast

L'idea Magazine Stage Review: “Of Mice And Men” 
"Alexander Kafarakis turns in an impressive, poignant performance as the mentally challenged Lennie Small. In this tricky, challenging role, he steals the show." 
- Linda Ann Lo Schiavo
"Best in Festival"
Winner of “Best of Festival” honors in the Players Theatre Short Play and Musical Festival in Greenwich Village.
"...I know that one day I know I’ll be saying, I knew him when…”
"...a first generation Greek American, Alex has been featured in independent films and regional plays. It’s not easy making it in New York City as a working actor, but he is dedicated."
- Patty Dimitriadis 
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"...three of his male courtiers, Berowne (Jose Guzman), Longaville (JC Payne) and Dumain (Alexander Kafarakis), begin the play with an embrace of monastic devotion to "study," pledging mutually to abjure the company of women for three years while they pursue it."
- Jack L. B. Gohn
Broadway World Review:
Love's Labor's Lost